Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Will You Love Me Still? Book Review

I received by mail a most carefully, most lovingly wrapped book for review.  Inside the envelope, wrapped in cling wrap, a most sensible precaution, considering it traveled from snowy Oregon to rainy Chicago, after being printed in China, was a lovely board book. 

Will You Love Me Still? written by Valya Boutenko and illustrated by Katya Korobkina.

Lovely message of unconditional love and acceptance with beguiling, charming illustrations. Wonderful, I imagine to read with a toddler, as well as with a beginning reader.  The latter was my case as my daughter Wisteria is struggling to sound out words and make sense of written English. Repetition of phrases that start with "Will you love me if... " will build confidence surely.

The scenario is that a mischevious kitty continually tests the love of its young, bespeckled mistress as it gets into one naughty situation after another.  At its conclusion, the girl/mother figure reassures it in the most loving way.  I noticed that while the mistress and the setting are rendered with shading, the kitty is kind of flat and white and cartoonish.  Brilliant!  Makes it easy for a child to superimpose an image of himself or herself into the story.  I first time I read it out loud Wisteria answered an empathic "NO!"  to each of the questions.  What a toughie!  The second time around she was at "YES!" throughout. The third time she attempted to read the words herself. 
Very engaging story to be sure.

This made her hungry for noodles.

To the best of my knowledge this is the first board book referencing Kant (see the 5th from the left book spine on bookcase). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immanuel_Kant

Devilishness conveyed with a few strokes: bared teeth, shifty eyes. 
What mom hasn't seen this expression? 

Serenity in adversity. A thing of beauty.

In a nut shell, this book was delight and very easy to recommend.

Disclosure: www.rawfamily.com provided me with this review copy to do an honest review.

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