Thursday, October 4, 2012

my happy place

Warm welcome.
Painted door and window frames, baseboards one sweltering 4th of July weekend.
Color copied vintage barkcloth and decoupaged with Modge Podge,
then covered with polyurethane onto kitchen cabinets.
Different print of actual barkcloht on transom window from mother's basement.
Eight doors were a labor of love by proxy.
Stripped doors (sent out) sanded (dear brother), stained and varnished (hired out).
Pink and black table and chairs from antique mall a little les that $60-- a slurge.
Worn, wooden thonet chair found in alley, regret not getting the second one.
Usually in attic, brought down for extra seating.
Universal stove came with place, big and heavy, it's not going anywhere.
On wish list: vintage farmhouse sink and old fridge that latches, or lookalike.
God Bless our Home picture housewarming gift from my mother.
Little wood shelf scavenged post someone's moveout from alley.
Family pictures after autobiographical work by Cuban American photographer Tony Mendoza,
personal inscriptions/descriptions under each color copied photograph.
Surprisingly each color copy has held up well.  No fading after almost 20 years.
Southern exposure though 2 kitchen windows.
Green bedroom behind aloha signed door.  Dresser with serpentine fronts came with the place. 
Painted in 3 different green tones.  Wall painted with brush for a leafy feel. 
Ceiling painted soft violet with a brush as well.
Landscape from the countryside where my mother grew up.
Green table and tuffet dumpster dived or alley found.
Living room painted a blue from Benjamin Moore, one of my favorite cornflower blues.
Super tall palm found in alley by my brother.  Thanks!
Gorgeous living addition to the garden theme.
Dear sofa, I hear you calling my name.

Thift store and garage sale paintings.
Round artist decorated coffee table found in alley. 
Funnily, seminaked lady at 12 o'clock looks like son's former teacher. 
Added Irving Penn photo of red poppy from a Vogue magazine and cutout of son's drawing over rudest word. Poly'ed the top.
Little table was moveout gift from sister in law.
I stained with a translucent blue stain or paint hung upside down in bathroom for flamingo display.
Warm goodbye as well, aloha!

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