Saturday, December 26, 2009

moms who brag

what are some Christmas newsletters that you've received?

I got one in rhyme from a person that might be called a brag sheet, son applying to colleges, daughter asked to dance, husband's medical practice thriving, exciting travels, purchase & gut rehab of summer cottage

here it is with identifying details masked to protect the proud:

This here's the story of the Cough-Cough family
It was a year of changes
and travels full of "glee" (love that show!)

We trekked to Miami and the Keys
at the tip of the USA
It was nice to visit, but too quirky to stay.

Bought the summer cottage in (Lakeside Town) after 15 years of renting
Now gutting it to the studs
And hyperventilating.

Paved a path for the global warming conference and Obama's Peace Prize
Cruised to St. Petersburg, Oslo and Copenhagen with X, Y, and Z
Under cloudy skies.

Decided to go "Brangelina" or was it "Somebody-ina")* and adopt a tow-headed Dane
Heard they're the world's happiest people
Time for us Chicagoans to put an end to that claim.

the kids are taller than Mama--Older Boy is in his junior year.
thinking about where to go to college and learning to steer.

Almost 12 years old Younger Daughter is auditioning for every play in sight.
she got asked to a dance this week.
Isn't that a fright?

Husband's pain practice is growing; one year in Suburb already.
He keeps inserting those needles
Making sure to keep his hands steady.

The "Nag-on-Queen" Poet rides on the whole crew.
Writing articles, pitching stories
And keeping a never-ending list of "what to do"

Wishing you full tummies and glasses full of cheer
From our family to yours as we ring in the New Year!

*Somebody-ina compilation of 2 type a women who mapped out each travel day for thier families and made sure the got to where they were supposed to be.  Except for that "OMG we're going to miss the ship" day in Helsinki.  And Stockholm. But we were on time in Talinn, Gdansk and everywhere else...BTW--the tow headed Dane is really ...the 7 year old son of our travel companions.

one letter from an affluent family showed pathos with an elder son's struggle to unjoin a gang, they sent him away to the parents' mother country where male role models are superintending his recovery

my favorites are with pictures of beloved pets, especially dogs

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