Sunday, October 23, 2011

tired with a capital T, whew! that was hard, too tired to press shift key, hosted son's friends for sleepover, they kept going 'til past 3 am, fueled by what? adreneline, comradery, happiness, flashlights; up early this morning short order cook in a vintage apron, french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese silver dollar pancakes, big pours of maple syryp, color coded melamine cups

thrift store finds today: camel colored cashmere coat for husband, makings of princess costume for daughter, spare disney princess dresses with crumpled tulle, beaded shawl, mini harem pants, wool blazers (mock Channel, loden from German maker) heavy, almost felted, yellowy green coat, also German? for self, trying to up looking a little more finished, less random,  at work, shy to see myself in big mirror, small shock, almost electrical, at seeing reflection, contrast with 15 year ago old memory

clipping on fridge of Marie Osmond with big smile at having lost 50 pounds, slender & sleek in jeans, lovely genuine seeming smile, a smile like that is a gift

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