Thursday, November 3, 2011

too much Halloween

There is a bath towel, not a beach towel, mind, on the living room floor, holding a bounty of catogorized, snack-sized candies. 

Wisteria and her older brother Clement worked hard gathering treat door to door.  She as a princess with a basket, he as a knight in shining armor with a white pillowcase.  Happily they decide to share at the end of the night.  I was a little worried about inequity since she got an earlier start and helped herself to handfuls at unattended sites.  She made out like a bandit at a car dealership that had basins of treats in the trucks of their used cars. 

Her favorite thing was not the candy, but that she got to see new people.  Neighbors are usually behind closed doors.  One older lady with her arm in a sling, I believe, is the mother of a classmate who was shot dead at age 14. A girl at the car place party the daughter of a woman I went to kindergarden with.  The woman at the funeral home, lost her husband recently.  My father was laid to rest by her father. I that occasion & candy corn are forever linked in my mind. Thankfully, no candy corn made it into our collection. 

So what to do with the candy we have?  Tuck away into our mouths, store in drawers, savor new happier memories, take as omen of sweeter days to come.

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