Sunday, December 11, 2011

new use for binder clip

Today was a big deal family ocassion that called for dressing up.  My dress was a smart navy with white trim maxidress from Village Thrift.  I may have been a sailor in a past life.  Black tasselled shoes new to me from the Salvation Army. 

My underpinnings however left something to be desired.  Sturdy underwire brasierre, check.  However my baggy assed worn out undies topped with black nylons with nonelastic elastic had me worried.  I could feel them sliding down & over various deposits of stored energy.  Over the course of the afternoon they could easily find their way to my knees and ankles.  Le horror or chuckles aplenty. Not quite enough time to change.

In our tea drawer at home live a collection of binder clips in various sizes.  Normally they clip potato chip bags and the like.  I had the idea of using one to hold up my sagging drawers.  Several tries, then attached it to the midpoint of the front of the underwire and drew up the waistband of the nylons to it.  Clipped together and success!  As a bonus, even though I forgot about the arrangement when I had to go to the bathroom--no accidents.  The front stayed together & the back, er, well, everything was fine.

Unlike MacGywer, I don't have that many opportunities to engineer clever solutions.  I felt rather proud of myself for this little success.

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