Friday, March 16, 2012

Art run over by cars, found, bought, given

The other blowy, gusty day I found 2 photographs about a block apart, both run over by cars.  Tire treads were on the back side of each. 

One seems to be a birthday car for a 1-year old.  I like how the "1" is accidentally backwards.  I wiped the back of the construction paper with a damp paper towel to remove most of dirt. I posted it on a "wall" of my cube at work.

The another one has a workbook open and the heading on the left reads "Magical Numbers."  I washed it with soap and water and left it out to dry.

This one of a couple is from a couple of years ago, found in pretty yellow autumn leaves on the sidewalk.  Kind of smutty expressions.

Mini altar in cellophane purchased at garage sale.  Surrounded by some postcards from outsider art shows at the Intuit Museum and religious cards.

A nice man asked me for money and gave me this framed drawing after I handed him a few dollars. He gave me this over 20 years ago at a big downtown cathedral, another time he gave me another pencil drawing of some commuters waiting for a bus, can't find that one. 

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