Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cozumel paintbox

One of my favorite hues of one of my favorite colors.  Haven't found this blue as a paint color yet. 
I thought that Benjamin Moore's Blue Lapiz would be it, but it's looking smurfy to me beaming happily off our furniture.  I want deeper, bluer.  In general I'd like to gray down the colors on our walls OR make everything blue and dark.  I get frustrated thinking I found a suitable dullish color and it turns out to be overly bright or pastel/Easter eggish. 
A highly satisfactory choice was the Benjamin Moore Historical color 114, a perfect blue, gray, green that turned our small kitchen into a soft, lovely jewel box.

Perfect magenta.  Used on baseboards and kitchen trim in former apartment.
Yummy with a dark teal.

The sharp scarlet contrasts beautifully with the olive green bark.
Had to look everytime.

Big hair, baby.

Enormous leaves in understory in center courtyard.

Philodendron? rising 3 stories.  Love seeing plants max out.
Leaves lit bright green by the sun.

Can't remember the movie title, Farrah Fawcett's character lived in an all blue interior, at least the living room was.  I found it memorable, even if the blues seemed overly sharp and glaring. 
 Does anyone remember the title? 
The other movie that I got stuck on for its blue and brown interiors was
the Incubus with John Cassavettes (horror movie from the 1970s). 

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