Friday, April 13, 2012

I see Paris

 At least 2 ocassions recently I really wished I had a camera along:

I was walking along in a friend's green, leafy neighborhood and saw small bits of laundry draped across a neighbor's porch railing including purple undies turned inside out. The element of surprise made me laugh.

Late afternoon at work today, I passed by a coworker's office, a drawer was pulled open and on the edge were hanging a sports bra,  shorts,  and other pieces of workout clothes to air over the weekend.  Ha, home away from home.

Many years ago, as a child, when I was visiting relatives, I was surprised when their upstairs neighbor came down to ask my uncle a question wearing a bra and half slip.  I had never seen a stranger quite so undressed. Very puzzling. While it was a warm summer day other people wore outer wear over their underwear. My aunt seemed quite angry, her face drained of color.

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