Tuesday, May 1, 2012

patchwork quilts and other alley finds

Today is May 1, May Day, day of protests all over the world, and locally, a big moving day with people shedding their unloved possesions into alleys across the city.

On my way to work, I found 2 small patchwork lap quilts backed with flannel in a nearby alley.  I was so happy, the piecework in front seens to be vibrant shades in polyester.  I am in love with the colors and patterns of 1970s polyester without loving the feel of polyester itself. Love/hate kinda like movie stars that might attract and repel and marry and divorce each other repeatedly.  Oh polyester, you are so cool and mod and styling, just don't brush against my bare skin, no don't touch me, stop it!  Gah!  The good thing about quilts of course is they can be hung on wall as art to be enjoyed without touching.  No temptation there.

Yesterday, in another alley, I got a wood and plastic drying rack excellent for socks and such, slightly broken, nothing some string can't fix.  Also found a rectangular basket with 12 partitions.  Boxes within boxes. Irresistable.  Love any kind of box, a subdivided enclosure makes it all the more appealing. 

Question for you, how did you happen upon here?  No need for the person who googled panties, azz, and nylon to chime in.  Other question, what did you find today?


Diana said...

Quilt finds reminds me of Marsha Brady style robes we had, all quilty, snaggy and polyester.

No alley finds today, though coveting a pair of pigeon garden statues that were donated.

patchwork bedspreads said...

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tess said...


I had a robe like that too, pilled and flammable. Hope the pigeons come to roost in your garden.