Thursday, May 31, 2012

waste not, want not omelet

This morning was a rare occasion in that I was home alone.  I looked forward to fixing myself a yummy omelet.  I took out a jar of cut plums.  My husband and I cut up fruit and leave at our children's place settings in bowls.  Whatever doesn't get eaten gets put away in a jar and is folded into the next day's recipes. Chicken with grapes, pork with apples, or today, plums into an omelet. 

I melted a lump of butter in a large, heavy skillet, poured in chopped plums, sprinkled with a generous spoonful of brown sugar, let caramelize while I beat 2 eggs with a little bit of vanilla.  If I remembered I would have added a bit of heavy cream. I poured in the egg mixture and let it cook til the top was just soft, folded it over, and enjoyed the hot, sweet, caramelized omelet.

I truly enjoy eating food when it is hot.  I had the experience of eating soup when my son was a toddler and wondering what is it that is so wonderful and tasty about it. In a moment I realized the special feature was the sizzling temperature.  As an often frantic, busy, new mother my food often went stone cold before it crossed my lips.

My skillet came from the Village Thrift Store at Milwaukee and Armitage in 1983 or so.  I've never found another I liked as well. I would like to find a cast iron soup pot someday. 

I crushed and saved the calcium-rich egg shells in a jar of water to be used for watering our outdoor plants in containers.  Maybe I'll transfer into a pitcher or watering can like my mom keeps in her yard.


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