Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Goldilocks Is Addled

About 10 years ago, my dear friend M gave me a nearly complete set of Franciscan Earthenware  called Tulip Time.  Through clumsiness, carelessness, and general attrition, a creamer bit the dust  as did a number of the medium sized dishes we used most often.  

I was tired of seeing the sad spot where the creamer wasn't. I found online sellers and happily replaced the creamer.  I was nervous about the dwindling stack of our dinner dishes. 
I ordered 4 online.  They came in a big, well packaged box.  Too big as it turns out!  
One person's dinner dishes are another's chargers. 

I tried again.  Another big box containing 4 small dishes, too small! More like dessert-sized.  I was surprised as I thought I read each description carefully.  I didn't send anything back as the postage was about the same as the cost of the items.

So now we have a stockpile of our least used pieces.  Dare I try ordering again?  
I saw that a company specializing in replacement offers a measurement to the quarter inch in their descriptions.  Maybe that will turn out just right?

How hard can it be to order the right-sided dish?  Let me tell you....


Jessica@CapeofDreams said...

Aren't there sizes listed. I would think that they would tell you how many inches in diameter the plates are. If you could find that, I would say go for it again.

tess tea said...

Nope, no measurements listed. I relied on the description and was fooled twice.
Really feel like a dumb cluck.
Offspring can look forward to taking subsets when they move out.
Will try another outlet.

Insomniac's Attic said...

I have the same problem. About six different sizes and I only have ten plates! A salad plate to one seller is a dessert plate to another, I guess.

tess said...