Friday, June 8, 2012

Impromptu clothes closet

This is a partial view of our back hallway.
I am pleased with my little neatening and repurposing project. 
I found a 4 or 5 tiered plant stand in the alley with little wooden trays. 
One day some of the trays gave up and fell to pieces to the floor. 
So this was the result of a deconstruction.
I looked at the remaining metal structure and a light bulb went off in my head.
The crossbars that face the front and back are more frequent that the ones on the side.
There is enough clearance on the sides to hang jackets for
my 10-year old son above and his little sister below.
The rack is pretty lightweight, so it is good that it is weighted down by her more numerous jackets. 
To save on room I used the kiddie sized hangers for Wisteria.
Above for Clement, I used thin, full sized, yet lightweight hangers, also alley picked.

Clement's jackets used to be on a little, very diminutive coat tree that was too small for his jackets. 
It is shaped like a multiple pencils and painted in primary colors.
 I'll repaint and use for hanging purses.

 Wisteria's jackets and coats were bunched up in a tall, tangled heap on the orange fiberglass chair
(the chair was about 5 dollars at a thrift store and I carried home walking/riding on a bus midday).
It was a hassle sifting though to find what she wanted. 
Also no one could sit down to tie their shoes and now they can! Yeah!
A salvaged low and wide shelf has a second life as a shoe rack. 
It is out of frame to the right of the orange chair.
A big basket on top holds, gloves, scarves and hats.
Yes, many were salvaged (and subsequently washed) post moveout from neighborhood alleys.
Thank you neighbors. 

This a a good solution for now.  I know they'll need a longer space as the grow. 
I purchased coat hooks and will have to figure out how to attach them to the drywall safely.
Years ago in an Anthropologie store I saw some attached to vintage-looking,
 decoupaged paper-covered wood planks. Not sure how they were meant to be mounted.
I have saved bits and pieces of wood from the alleys with the idea of DIYing something similar using old maps, calendar images, illustrations from nature magazines or fairy tales.

The teal bin to the left is used as a hamper for dirty clothes at the end of the day.     

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