Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chinatown visit

One recent Sunday, Wisteria got an urge to visit Chinatown.  Maybe it was the taste for iced milk tea with tapioca bubbles or a desire to adorn her ears with peacock feather earrings. So off we went together with Clement.
We took the CTA a combination of bus and el.
She loved the happy fellow with the big smile holding the peach on the left.
Giftland beckoned.
Pokemon posters called from beyond the terracotta glazed tiles.
Perhaps a long wooden sword?
Or sticky tapes in many colors?
The peacock's bill pointed the way.
If only mama would stop admiring the facade.
Tantalizing front window.
Pastel smoothies.
Fluorescent glow.
Fruit tart $1.00. I loved the one further back, way back, the egg custard in a flaky crust.
Or maybe it was in a different bakery altogether.
Many shopkeepers didn't allow pictures to be taken inside.
Sad window display.  Not long for this world.  Even sadder the tiny turtles in tiny tanks being sold as pets.
After the abundance.
The beautiful blue of twilight.
One light out.
My husband picked up the bone weary little shoppers and me.
Onto the expressway.
We had a happy day.
Past trees and buildings with towering nightlights.
Upstream through the city homeward bound.

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