Friday, November 16, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Halloween recap

Welcome Great Pumpkin.  Winners in front. Losers cowering in back.
Last year when Wisteria asked me what she liked best about Halloween, I guessed candy. 
She told me it was the people.  Meeting people.
This year even though it was not so warm outside, quite a few dressed up grownups sat out on their stoops parceling out candy.  Snow White and Captain America made a cute couple.
 Light hearted welcome, except for the evil clown.
 Knock, knock, I know you're in there.  I can see the lights.
The rust makes me think this is a permanent fixture. My mother had a washtub like this.  Rolled it out from a corner of the kitchen, filled with hot water through a hose to do the towels first, increasingly darker, dirtier clothes in the same sudsy water.  Eventually it ended up in the summer kitchen of the basement.  Each load was wrung near dry, watch your fingers, please, then rinsed in 2 cold rinses in the 2 sections of the cement sink, wrung out by hand, hard twists, hung out to dry on clothesline outside in fair weather in the basement in inclement weather, sometimes switching between both places as the weather changed. That kind of drove me crazy.  Now I am of 2 minds, if my laundry gets rained on when I'm away, I leave it up. It will dry soon enough.  If I'm home, I'll bolt out of bed in the middle of the night to get it laundry in before it gets soaked. High winds that usher in rains wake me like no alarm clock can. Don't want our clothes and favorite clothes pins to get blowed away.

 Golden hour.
Golden leaves.
 The Green Lantern soldiers on.
 Moderne spook shrugs.
Will o' wisps.

Good night.  Sweet dreams. Or are they? Hmmm...


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