Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Serendipity: Found, Then Lost

So I was walking home from the bus stop today, when a thought came to me, something along the lines of, "Gee, I would like to find some art today. It's been a while." Not one minute later, Bingo! I spied with my little eye a large colorful painting of a lone tree against a blue sky.  It was leaning face out next to a recycling can. Reader, I picked it up and continued on my way. Perhaps it looked a bit like this:

I stopped at a corner store, leaned the painting facing inward against the store's placard in the entry way. I hesitated feeling that it might vanish.   I did not want to bring in the light, yet awkwardly sized, canvas. In the time it took me to to pick up and pay for 2 packages of pork chops and a bags of dried split peas, the painting disappeared from its safe spot. 

Unbelievable, yet predictable.  I cast my eye, east, west, north and south and saw no sign of it.  I felt the sharp pang of loss that followed my minutes of wonder and delight. I wondered if the thief was feeling any smidge of guilt or regret as his feet were scampering away or pressing on the gas pedal. Would the new owner be able to enjoy it? I wondered at my rapid attachment and my inability to reconcile myself to its sudden absence.  Always hard to let go. I estimate x100 compared to getting used to its presence, wooden frame light on my fingertips. 


Le-Chat said...

What a bummer! Btw thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jessica@CapeofDreams said...

That is disappointing.