Friday, January 6, 2017

Stuff Kitty Didn't Want for Christmas

So Wisteria and I were walking to the first of two bus stops to go visit her orthodontist.  Crossing an alley I cast a sideways glance for oncoming cars.  My eyes alighted instead on a red gift bag on display. I slowed down to it pick up. It was labeled "Kitty." (No, it wasn't, it was another "K" name).

Unfortunately the slowing down made us miss the first bus, to Wisteria's chagrin.  All was forgiven when we peeked inside.  Examining the contents entertained us on our bus rides.  The brand new items included an automotive additive, electronic calendar that records and counts down to special occasions, the letter "K" to hang on a wall, Christmas pickle that yodels, car air freshener in strawberry and lemonade scents,  large plastic chips and dip dish, new nail files with college logo, reindeer ornament, wall hanging of dog saying, "The cat did it!"

Wisteria claimed the Christmas pickle and we will regift  rehome the other items to other households that may or may not pass them on.


Jessica@CapeofDreams said...

Interesting mix of items. Who would not want a yodeling Christmas pickle, though?

tess said...

Indeed! ;-)