Sunday, August 26, 2012

Short Lists Concerning Recent Events

Distractions Resulting in Injuries:

-Thinking about pending work project, exiting bathroom stall, not opening door fully, banged forearm sharply against small projection on stall frame, resulting in painful seeing stars phenomenon, and resultant purple bruise

-Concentrating on wiping down pantry shelves, standing on a ladder, picked up head and banged it upon a wooden door frame, later and archway, resulting painful, tender crown, intense feelings of stupidity

-Thinking of nothing at all, wiping space heater grate with rag, slice finger open, when rag slips off hand, resulting in not so deep cut, covered with Spiderman(?) bandage and switched to dry work

Things Found While Going About My Own Business:

-Blue bottle that formerly held sake, recycling bin in alley

-Blue bottle that formerly held vodka, street, next to curb

-Bitter melon planted by neighbor growing on our side of the fence half hidden under some leaves

-Cucumber growing overhead on trellis

-Almost invisible zucchini, dark green against dark soil, garden

-Wool and cotton rug, big and small, alley

-Copper planters, hanging basket planters lined in moss(?), alley

- Black gooseneck lamp, sidewalk, left out after move out

- 2 jars of tomato sauce on front doorstep

Things I Have a Hard Time Keeping Up With

-Paper coming into the house, daily newspaper subscription and many magazines

-Weekly vegetables from CSA, often get pushed back in fridge and not discovered till too late

-Making decisions

-Sorting through piles

-Setting priorities

-Finishing projects

-Mending clothes


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