Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back patio

Back "patio."  I put up trellises in the spring.

To the left I put up a wire trellis, thinking it would be soon covered with moonflower and heavenly blue morning glory seeds I planted, but they never "took off."
Neither did the begonias I put in the same earth box planter, maybe too much shade this year?  Several years ago they made a spectacular display.

In  the foreground, 2 pots with jasmine vines.  Fake flowers, 2 iron flamingos, wire and net trellises, Garden Goddess (Barbie), mask, wreath forms, Chinese decor all salvaged from various alley excursions. 
Witch hazel behind green chair leftover from husband's job.  Pretty purple flowers in the spring.
Chainlink fence covered in scavenged reed and willow fencing for privacy.

One end tied to the wire fence, one of our many clotheslines.  I like to use this one for hanging blue jeans, which take longer to dry, sheltered from sun and rain, a safer spot for drying, less likelihood of fading.  I also turn inside out so pockets, etc are sure to dry well.

 To the right stretching from the first floor to the second, cloth netting lending support to neighbor's planting of silver lace vine and cucumber vine.  I was surprised to find a cucumber growing overhead.

Tasted great, Wisteria ate up in one sitting.
Green veil. Silver lace vine (mile a minute) and cucumber vine.

I saw a silver lace vine at a friend's house magically cover up a 3 story porch structure.  I thought it was beautiful.  Our neighbors planted it and I encouraged by putting up the trellises.  It's up to the second floor now. Such a wonderful enveloping green.  Gorgeous with the sun shining through it.  A miracle in our concrete setting.
Nighttime. Earlier in the summer. Many tomato seedlings, etc.

Wow was it a job distributing and planting so many tomato seedlings, coneflowers, mint, etc.  Why so many?  Couldn't resist. Planted some in pots, in community garden, mother's garden, at brothers, 6 hard hours,clearing big patch of golden rod, digging up thick, dense roots, getting a dermal reaction to something poison oak? poison ivy? Now clusters of green tomatoes hanging down,  Hoping the weather pushes them along to readnews  or purpleness as the case may be.
Scavanged art.  Flamingo, shadow box, welcome picture.
Flowering oleander.

Took small branch from flowering planter box downtown a couple of years ago.  Rooted in water. It's about 5 feet tall now. Underplanted with some pretty shiny leaves, Cutting from someone's houseplant, rooted in soil.  Cuttings are a good and free way to make new plants.  Good if you are addicted.  Ha ha. 

Ask permission, gardeners like to share. Or be wily if you can't ask.  I was mortified,  Once when I tried to beak off a little branch of coleaus from a parkway downtown and the whole plant got pulled up roots and all.  I kept on walking.  The security guard from the building came running after me shouting "Ma'am, ma'am" and stopped me saying it was wrong to steal plants.  Attempting to justify my not so nefarious intentions didn't work so I apologized.  A week later the landscapers tore out the whole patch and replaced with autumnal display of chyrsatemums. 

Asking landscapers for plants works as well. 
I got some awesome primary colored red and yellow tulips for my mom that way. 
They come back strong every spring.
Netting keeps decor in place and serves as trellis to second floor.
Shell chandelier glows in nightlight. 1 of 3, 2 more hanging on porch at 2nd and 3rd floor landings.
Purchased at Salvation Army years ago.
Iron chain ball fished out of garbage can about a block away several years ago, very heavy.
House legless pink flamingo.
Found art. Long doodled upon canvas.  Left is top. Suspended from porch railing near top of garage, draping downward to right of garage door.
"God forbid." Found art. Painted on side of waxed cardboard box.
Discarded, then salvaged in same location as canvas.

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