Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the future, early tomato garden and flowers

Now as autumn rains fall, I'm looking back to the early summer days
with a mix of nostalgia and remembered exhaustion.
This photo represents some 6 or 7 hours of cutting down a huge stand of golden rod, then digging up their thickly matted roots, and getting painful, itchy dermatitis from poison oak or poison ivy. 
Good times.
My mom and brother put in stakes anticipating the growth to come over the hot, long summer to come. Hostas got burnt since the demise of the nectarine tree in the foreground.
I wish I wrote down the names of the heirloom varieties.
Phlox and trumpet vine.
Susan black eyes as my my mother calls them.
This nectarine bore a lot of fruit. 
Discovered by ants and squirrels alike.
Love my flamingos.
Love. Take good care. 
 Lemony wood sorrel underneath.
One of several edible "weeds" that are easily found in garden. 
The others were lamb quarters, garlic mustard, and purslane, not pictured.
"S" for so long!

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