Monday, January 28, 2013

super sale story sharing

Not sure if I have local readers, but just in case, through Wed the 30th of January, the Ark on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park is having a bag sale for cold weather clothes for $10.00. This price is for what they call a medium sized bag.  It was actually quite large, almost the size of a typical kitchen garbage bag.  I came in a half hour before closing and got 7 merino wool sweaters from the men's section and happily a pair of jeans for my son. I say happily because I assumed they were priced at $6.00 separately from the sweaters and cold weather gear in the sale category.  More could have fit if I had more time to browse were greedier than I already am. Funnily and yet sadly and yet funnily again, the gloves and mittens were not included in the sale. Oh well.  I paid $10.93.  They turned the lights off in the back of the store as I was putting my little purse into backpack I noticed I no longer had my own mittens tucked under my arm anymore. I asked them to turn the lights back on so I could hunt, but a young man working found them it the dark.  So good to get them back.  They were a gift from my mother some 20 years ago.  I lost them one time before trash picking in an alley.  I found them hours later on the ground.

Last week I got a black cashmere sweater for 1/2 off the regular $10.00 price.  The merino wool ones in the bag sale were marked for $6.00 each.    I tend to like the selection in the men's section because the sweaters there are broader in the shoulders (like I am). Oversized is fine, if they shrink a little, no problem, usually they still fit.  If tight they are a good layer underneath.  Or they can be pieced together to make a bigger Frankensweater.  So many good books on the subject.  Some time ago I read a blog post on Mr. Peacock about how he make a patchwork sweater from his dad's black cashmere socks.  I imagine wool and cashmere would take dye as easily as cotton, so a lighter blah color can be transformed into something more flattering (more shrinkage than cotton probably).

OK, that's it happy hunting.  Any good finds on your end?  Any reconstructions?

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